PEEL Body Paragraphs

“Translate” your evidence

After composing a clear “thesis statement”, the writer needs to provide evidence that supports their objective/opinion and explanation of how their analysis of the text supports their objective/opinion. This “translation” of the evidence becomes the body of the essay or paragraph.


Point: A strong statement that identifies the topic and “point/objective” of the essay or paragraph.
Evidence: Provide your primary evidence, embedded in factual/situational context.
WHAT excerpt or section from the text supports your objective?
Explanation: “Translate” what specifically you have “explored” or discovered within the given evidence and why these specific elements support your objective.
LEVEL 1: WHAT specifically within the larger evidence have you discovered? In this level, you should take the crucial words/phrases from the larger quote and embed them within your commentary. You should alsouse the academic language that identifies the author’s use of specific techniques or devices within this section of the text.
LEVEL 2: WHY do the fundamental aspects of these “discovered” elements and devices support your objective? Explain how these devices fundamentally work and how they support your objective.

Link: Link your analysis back to your original objective (if one of many body paragraphs, through transitions, link to other areas of your essay).