Digital Explanatory Essay

The Importance of Conclusions

The conclusion brings your essay full circle and provides closure and direction for the reader, making sure your reader is left hanging with questions like…

So what?
Why is this important?
What should I do about it?

Conclusions Video Exercise

While watching the video, on the left hand column, take notes about the characteristics of conclusion paragraph. In the right hand column, take notes of things you learn from the teacher led classroom discussion of the video.

Basic Conclusion Structure

A fun way to remember and organize the different elements of a conclusion paragraph is to think that you are “putting the paper to rest”, and may the paper R.I.P. “REST IN PEACE”.


RESTATE: Your position
IMPORTANCE: To the reader’s life
PRESENT: Recommendations for response

Restating Your Position

After reading the paper, the audience needs a reminder of the overall purpose.

Restating your thesis in REVERSE ORDER is a basic way to open the conclusion.